What’s news.

Something occurred to me, today. I was at the mess taking up food on my plate and the TV was on with the news running.  Somehow, the voice of the news anchor vomiting out points on the stock market felt comforting. 

That’s when I realized, that in movies, most times, we hear the news running. It’s something so distinct that you can clearly recognize that the TV is on. Not music, not just any show, but the news. If you were to close your eyes and have the TV running in the background, you will still know that it is the news. 

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"Once we begin to celebrate what our body does rather than obsessing on how it looks, we start to appreciate our body as an instrument rather than an ornament."

— Ashley Turner (via loveinspireuniversally)


"So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth."  Revelation 3:16

For the longest while I couldn’t understand this analogy. I remember a preacher once saying that the water in Jerusalem was lukewarm that it gave people a pukish feeling when consumed. Still didn’t get it. 

Until now. 

What made me realise this? Tea. Yes, the simple nonsensical beverage - chai. Having recently taken to drinking green tea - i’ve come to love it slightly hot. (I used to disdain any hot beverage before)

Any tea drinker would be familiar with the nauseated feeling you get when you drink your tea after its cooled down to the point of being neither hot nor cold. It is simply disgusting. You make a face and immediately ask for it to be re-heated. One would either drink iced-tea or hot, even warm tea. But nothing in between. It’s a struggle to swallow a beverage in that odd-a-temperature. Your gag reflex gives way. It’s neither hot, nor cold.

I reckon this is the logic behind the analogy that Christ was trying to make as well. 


Useless fun fact…


Useless fun fact…

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I think this is important to share and reshare. We’ve all been there before. ❤


I think this is important to share and reshare. We’ve all been there before. ❤

Ads that make me LOL, literally.

It’s very rare for me to crack up at ads. But here are a couple that made my sides hurt.

I was watching a movie with my mother and there was a commercial break in between. The movie itself was about ghosts, spirits and what not - so this new Cadbury Chomp ad was very placed. I laughed out loud for a good two minutes, my parents thought i had lost it. 

This one is subtle - but humourous none the less. 


Ilya Kisaradov Aka Ezorenier Takes Gorgeous Surreal Photography


Russian photographer Ilya Kisaradov’s subjects are primarily women, who are out in the open with nature. In her photographs, the image of the birdcage appears a few times, possibly symbolizing imprisonment. The confinement of her subjects juxtaposed against the backdrop of the openness of nature illustrates the dichotomy between humans and nature and how we continuously imprison ourselves by getting further and further away from nature. Though regardless of what message one may take away from Ilya Kisaradov photographs, their stunning quality and surreal imagery are electrifying and compels the viewer to gaze intently. She is both expressive and contemplative.

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these just look so delicious! all those colours!

(Source: grafik.net)

Plz vs Pls

Does it bug you too when you see digital abbreviations used, especially when the accepted abbreviation is just ONE letter different?

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the iheartradio logo

I’m always fascinated by multiple-interpretation logos. Took a second glance at the iheartradio logo today and noticed that every element of the name is depicted in the logo as well. It’s wonderful and not very easy to do that. 

1. ‘i’

The stick figure - also as an ‘i’

2. ‘heart’

the big red heart, obviously!

3. ‘radio’

radio waves around the stick figure

Additionally, showing the i as a stick figure/person is a lovely touch. Could be the listener, could also be the RJ. 

Simple and good design!

I love it! i mean.. i heart it. 

Shallow words

At church last Sunday, I heard the pastor say: "Prayer is not a gift, it is essential."

Immediately I was reminded of a counter statement made by another preacher on TV many moons ago in the same vein, although probably harsher: "Prayer-less-ness is not a weakness, it is a sin."

Continuing on the subject of prayer, the pastor said, that God was not impressed by our vain repetitions,  or our eloquent words, or our idle babbling. He is only interested in our heart. 

That got me thinking about writing too. It would seem extremely shallow if it isn’t from the heart. How many slogans, copy and presentations are from the heart, anyway?

Seems like we’re spending too much time being pretentious. But it would take more time to dig deeper into one’s heart to see what one would find. 

Maurice Binder

I just watched a great documentary on Maurice Binder and I feel like I can relate to the man. I kept nodding throughout, whenever anyone recalled one his quirks, because that’s usually what I do as well. 

So, I’m not crazy. 

Selling refridgerators to Eskimos

To be so persuasive, a smooth talker, a good salesman that you could:

"Sell ice cubes to Eskimos"

"Sell a pair of spectacles in the valley of blind"

"Sell a comb to a bald man"

"Diplomacy is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they actually look forward to the trip."

The counter logic is:

"To not be able to sell a glass of water to a man in the desert"

Ignorance is not bliss.

A while back I began corresponding with the admissions department of an Art University in San Francisco, CA. I had been enquiring about one of their courses. After going back and forth with questions and answers, the contact person at the University sent me a rather funny email: 

I wonder if you are a US citizen or Permanent Resident since your English is very good. If so, I cannot help you with your admissions procedure, because I only work with International Students. I will reassign you to the right admissions department and they will follow up with you. So please let me know your status.”

I was taken aback at this email. It’s one of those times when you’re not sure whether to feel flattered or offended. Does she expect every person who is born or bred in the US to have a strong command over English? Does she also expect every person outside of the US to communicate only in broken sentences of English?
Hard to believe that there are still people in such positions who would make such naive assumptions about foreign individuals.